This year’s annual Easter Egg roll may be newsworthy for all the wrong reasons.. Donald Trump is busy threatening war with Kim Jong UN and dropping MOABs on Afghanistan, and that is removing headlines from what would have otherwise been a large embarrassment for the Commander in Chief: The Easter Egg roll could shape up to be a hefty disaster..

The White House, busy dismantling much of the administrative state that existed, forgot to order the eggs! Someone then must have realized that 35,000 people would be guests this weekend. Whoops.
Then the rush order for eggs were places, but the White House forgot to send the VIP military tickets that usually are sent. Then they forgot to order up big named entertainers for the guests… Then they forgot to send out invites for the normal number of 4,000 DC children at public schools–ones that get the tickets yearly.

According to published reports, last minute (holy crap moments) requests were sent to PBS KIDS for Sesame Street characters–something ironic given that the Trump budget would completely zero out the puppets from PBS..

And finally…members of Congress and their families have yet to be invited.

Making Easter Great Again.