Positive words. Positives vibes. Let’s try together!

The world has been wildly negative lately. People are hating on each other.. words are caustic and arguments are vitriolic. Families are divided and friendships are ending..

OR      S O    W E    A R E      T O L D !!

If you pay attention to modern media, you are blasted by by the negative sensation that has become pop culture.. It is deriding and divisive.. it is hateful and intrusive.. It attacks the very pit of your soul and insults the top of your brain. It connects you to nothing but further hate. Further animosity.. further connection to darkness…

And then come the hate-filled words. You don’t even know you’re saying.

Each time you say the following you connect yourself with negative repercussions:

I hate life.

People suck.

The world sucks.

Nothing good happens.

You can’t trust anyone.

People’s intentions are awful.

I’m broke.

I am in debt.

I can’t get ahead.

No one likes me.

I have no friends.

I have no future.

I may as well die.


All of the time..

When you send out an intention, such as “I have no friends,” the universe responds accordingly. It is thus. You said it..

“No one likes me.” The universe says OKAY..

I am broke. You are.

I have no future. The universe will agree.. if you’re intention will be to have no future, the universe will not get in your way.

x x x

The real trick is not to just fake it til you make it, but believe the fakery.

“I Have a future.” The universe will agree..

(Only if you believe it)

I have friends. The universe will permit such, if you think it is true.

The intentions you have dwelled on for so long, those negative ones, are so deep in your psyche that you will have a rough time escaping the emotion.. escaping the words..

But to change, you have to..

I don’t win many things in life. I play the lottery but with the millions of others, it would be logical fallacy to believe I can muster enough luck to get the $700 mill jackpot.

But there was ONE time I recall, about 15 years in the past, when I entered into a raffle.. the grand prize was only about $100. When I entered my name in the raffle, I IMMEDIATELY knew I would win. It just came over me.. it was one of the few times I was connected to the natural order. To the flow of the universe.. I just KNEW I would win. And when the raffle winners were announced later in the day, I have nervous pins and needles in my stomach because I knew my name would be called. It was.

My wife had an equally similar experience about a week ago at a casino. She never gambles. She literally just stopped by with a friend. She knew she’d win, and won enough cash to pay for the brakes her car needed. It worked out.. Somehow the universe aligns when you ALLOW it to.. when you accept it.

The ‘I always lose’ concept gets stale. The universe, however, hears it so much that it starts to believe YOU when you say it.

Just start saying something different.

I am going to try.. I am going to experiment. I want to change my reality.. So to do so I need to believe my reality has changed.

This is an experience I’d like some help with. If you feel yourself to be in the same rut, the same insane space of media drain, go with me. Take a trip down this path.. put another log on the fire and let’s sit around it and ask for some positive vibes by sending some out .. you are among friends.


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