Tom Delonge spills the UFO beans

The former Blink 182 singer is now a legend among the UFO community after putting together an organization made up of former military and government insiders dedicated to revealing the truth about aliens…
After launching the To The Stars Academy, Mr DeLonge revealed on radio he met with a government source in an airport who revealed the shocking claim of an alien life form being found.
The supposed shocking information is not that shocking to anyone who has followed DeLonge for the last decade.. 
The information now being reported is largely taken from his interview this week on the Joe Rogan podcast. But this should not be shocking for those who have heard him on Coast to Coast, mostly with George Knapp. 
DeLonge’s name also showed up last year in Wikileaks document dumps. He was talking a lot to John Podesta of Hillary Clinton camp fame–Podesta has been a long running government official who believed that disclosure, whether partial or fully, should occur.
Tantalizing information..
What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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