….the ever close Christmas day almost here.. The ten day countdown soon to begin. Where did time go? Where is it coming from..
A sampling of events of significance from the Earth and beyond this Christmas season:
SPOTTED PIG employee calls VIP section a rape room! MORE: “Within the first paragraph, the reader hears of staff at his various boîtes being bitten on the waist by Friedman, having him force their heads into his crotch, pushing his tongue into their mouths and threatening their careers, sometimes in front of his celebrity clientele such as Amy Poehler. Constant unwanted kisses, touches and demands for sex are described as norms by named and unnamed sources.”
LA police probing new allegations against Roman Polanski from 1975–though they can’t do anything.. The Department said it is investigating allegations that director Roman Polanski in 1975 molested a child when she was 10, even though the case cannot be prosecuted because the statute of limitations has expired…
We all know about the monster storm on Jupiter.. what we did not know is that it is 200 miles DEEP
WALKING DEAD ratings continue to falter.. new law for the show as finale airs.. The excitement is gone. The characters have lost their joy.. people have grown weary.. It’s time to end it..
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