Wednesday weirdness: NEWS ROUNDUP FOR WEDNESDAY MAY 5 2021


UFO PROBE!! The Department of Defense Inspector General issued an announcement yesterday that it is opening an evaluation into “the extent to which the DoD has taken actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).“ Importantly, the announcement specified an evaluation rather than an investigation, likely framing the inquiry in terms of policy instead of specific allegations of wrongdoing!

Doctors investigate strange brain disease in Canada.. MORE: Radio-Canada, the public broadcaster, obtained a copy of a public health memo that had been sent to the province’s medical professionals warning of a cluster of patients exhibiting an unknown degenerative brain disease..

Trump lashes out at social media after this Facebook ban is upheld..

Shortage of oxygen in India causing deaths among COVID-19 patients..

Yankees will have a vaccinated only section at games…

Fully vaccinated Nebraskan dies of COVID 19..

What it’s like to get COVID-19 after a vaccine, according to people who had ‘breakthrough’ infections

Netflix is taking a different route for its new Zack Snyder-directed zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead. Rather than skip theaters and drop the new thriller directly in subscribers’ laps and homes, the company has reached an agreement with theater chains to screen the movie a week early starting May 14th in around 600 theaters, according to Variety

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