I do believe in Santa Claus


I really liked this GIF enough to reblog it.. I want to believe, as well.. And somewhat do.

Let me explain.

We are filled with mystery and mayhem, this universe.. Christmas night is the ULTIMATE and most paranormal night of the year–even if you believe in Santa or the religious view, it is beyond belief. Santa can fly all over the world. Deliver gifts. Not be noticed. At the same time we worship a ‘savior’ who was born in a manger … wise men followed a star to give him gifts. He was born of a virgin. And then eventually would go on to die and rise from the dead.

How more paranormal can you get.

My son recently asked me if I believe in Santa. He is in the 1st grade and some kids have begun to talk about the reality of the situation.

I told him I do believe in Santa. AND I DO!!
I believe..
I believe because we are in a multiverse.. filled with endless potential. Endless realities. And why not .. and why would not Santa, in some realm, be real? And in some realm, why would he not be a time traveler? Someone who can defy space itself to get here.. deliver gifts.. bring hope to children facing hunger and disease, sadness and strife, all across this cold land? Why not..?

I don’t just want to believe.

I do believe.

(via unexplainedthings)