I do believe in Santa Claus

I WANT TO BELIEVE I really liked this GIF enough to reblog it.. I want to believe, as well.. And somewhat do. Let me explain. We are filled with mystery and mayhem, this universe.. Christmas night is the ULTIMATE and most paranormal night of the year–even if you believe in Santa or the religious view, … Read moreI do believe in Santa Claus


Princess Leia dominates LAST JEDI.. New York TIMES: LAST JEDI embraces magic and mystery.. NEW YORKER reviews: “The Last Jedi” is a story about the Resistance, but the film itself is a cinematic masterwork of the First Order VULTURE gets the force: Shockingly good WIRED: “NEAR PERFECT” LAST JEDI.. Astronomers ponder: Does the strange interstellar … Read moreTUESDAY DECEMBER 12 2017 NEWS ROUNDUP