New Mandela Effect adventures in Hi Fi

It’s been a while since a good Mandela Effect has reared its reality-shifting head.

Let’s travel back in time to 1996. I recall my friend Jared introducing me during freshman year to a new CD (I moved on from cassette tapes around 8th grade) called NEW ADVENTURES IN HI FI .. REM was the ground who pleasured fans with this album.

The songs were mellow.. there was a certain feeling to the music that REM was becoming deeper and more enigmatic ..

Fast forward a bit in decades and potentially in realities: I read this account on a music site by someone who recently purchased the CD and realized that there may have been some words forgotten…

This is how the actual cover SHOULD look:

Most of the commentary on the message board in response don’t mention any Mandela related shift.

The post seems to attempt to explain what may have occurred:

So … why am I presenting this?

When I was a kid, I have distinct and complete memories of this CD. I recall at the time I wondered “why didn’t they finish their sentence” on the cover.. My CD, I remember, also did not include the words “HI FI” …

And now… The desperate search to locate the old copy of this CD begins. It’s a possession that is mostly buried somewhere in the deepest darkest trenches of my closet of CDs, DVDs, and taped David Letterman VHS cassettes and home movies.

And if I find it? And if the “HI FI” is suddenly on the CD cover, my mind will be shocked further into Mandela Mania..

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