The signs of the season: The Bloomsburg Fair!

SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY.. it ended up being the 163rd annual Bloomsburg Fair..

Where did the time go!?
I was at the Fair this weekend, and will most likely travel back to it a few times before its ended…’
While the freakshows are gone (PC!?) and other things have moved or changed, the fair is somehwat mostly the same…
I drew this image in 1996 of the Bloomsburg Fair when I came home one Friday night… and today, the image could still be the same.
I was able to snatch this amazing photograph of a stuffed animal on a ride that hovers in the air above fair goers..
And that, my friends, is what you can find at the fair that confounds the senses and compromises the mind.
Take part in it. It’s only once a year and will be done quite soon. Enjoy.