It has been a while since I posted.. there are a few reasons why..

While I type the post you are about to read, I am listening to an old school song of the disco age.. I recommend it as a background soundtrack while you take in the rest…

This was a really cold Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? … Charlie Brown was just about ready to be grounded for the Macy’s Day Parade until, finally, at the last minute he was set to fly. Without a coat! Just his bare arms out for Al Roker to see!!

This was a Thanksgiving, personally, to forget. But one to equally learn from.

My family and I, on the way to a carb filled dinner of Thanksgiving lure, smacked dead on into a deer. He did not live, and someone most likely had a gruesome surprise at the paper box BLACK FRIDAY morning… Bambi did not make it. Only three days until Deer Season and we already got one with the front bumper of our car…

On Thanksgiving night, my mother ended up in a hospital for a bad fall.. a few days later she is in a higher care unit and having some issues of mental and physical despair ..

I pray to the warriors of time that my Mom will be fine.. that whatever will be, will be.

And whatever will be, will actually be.

After all, we are not in charge.. we are not in the ‘know’ of what will occur..

Tonight, despite the sadness that has encompassed a family, I am thankful for so much that occurred in the past.. the strength my mother had and still does, the beauty inside and outside she had, and the strength she has possessed since I my younger days… back in the time when she would sing me to sleep while a quaint photo of Winnie the Pooh would rest above my bed..


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