Turkey day terrors! Old artwork from SCARY STORIES artist is still haunting after all these years

One of the best and most famous horror artistry came thanks to Stephen Gammell and his work in the SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK series. Some of the most haunting drawings and imagery inspired an entire generation to try to do what he did.

Well, little do so many know, Gammell actually added his talent to Thanksgiving, as well!

Introduce yourself to Thanksgiving Poems by Myra Livingston..
Illustrated by Stephen Gammell!

Let's Be Thankful Stephen Gammell Illustrated a Thanksgiving Poems Book

The book was  a collection of 16 poems and songs from various storytellers’ including musical excerpts from the Osage and Navajo nations. The book is only 32-pages and the poems discuss trees, turkeys, families, and food; giving thanks, what happens when families congregate during thanksgiving, and the history of thanksgiving ..

And some amazing haunting artwork by Gammell!

Things like these:

A native American with a baby.. The interesting way that the baby is black and white while the colors begin to ensemble as the pictures edges closer to the right hand side.. And the baby’s stare: Just that haunting glare..

This poem was called Joy of an Immigrant .. but the imagery below it is lonely and sad.. Almost perhaps as lonely as one may be when they first come to America, not knowing what daunting pressures they will face when trying to capture the rewards of a new nation..

Gobbedly-gobble! How they laughed!
And how those frightening turkeys looked like they were about to turn into zombies!

Pilgrims meeting the natives never looked so frightening. It looks more like a ghostly appearance of both sides for the first Thanksgiving rather than the real event.

This art is great! It looks like a freakish family where dad is intoxicated and mom just nervously grins as she brings in more “cheer,” and the kids just want to leave the scene. The best part of this drawing is that it could have easily appeared in SCARY STORIES just as easy as it did in this Thanksgiving poetry book.

Come Ye Thankful People Come ..
Come into the blinding wilderness during a snowstorm. A lonely scene where the chill is deep in the air.. What a haunting image!!

Will you ever want to eat turkey again after you see this horrific cartoon version of one dressed in a suit and ugly giant tie? I think not!

And saving the best for last:

No, this is NOT the picture for THE BIG TOE, though it could certainly be mistaken for that. This is just a quaint little happy brother and sister picking pumpkins on a dull and dreary day. With that empty rocking chair outside. This imagery reflects a lonely and sad scene.. The two children depicted are devoid of emotions, instead they are drawn to just stare deep in your soul..