REMEMBER REMEMBER, it’s almost the 5th of September

We wrote a few weeks ago about some strange dream surveys that have taken place in Portland and Utah.. they seemingly correlated with some older stories from the late 2000s about “THIS MAN” ..

You can read the full HORROR REPORT story here if you would like to go back into memory lane.

We are edging closer to September 5.. 2020 . That date that has been circulating on REDDIT and other online threads for years.

The HORROR REPORT Facebook shared an interesting post today reminding people that the Youtube page for September 5 started on November 9, 2016–Trump’s election. And on September 5? A protest is planned as we get closer to election 2020.

The Reddit threat remains busy. Since November 2019, this Reddit threat has been viewed, reviewed, panned, mocked, and even has caused fear.

People who post there talk about ‘something big’ that will occur.. all of the posters seem to be in the know but won’t tell others what the big event could be. It will change the world, we are told.. it is going to have an affect on everything. But we still do not know what the BIG event will be..

Sometimes it seems as though the Reddit users are grasping at straws, trying to find anything that can back up their claim that September 5 2020 is going to feature some widespread event to change all of humanity. Others have argued that September 5, 2020 will be the START of those changes…

But one thing is now becoming clear: September 5 seems to be the day when numerous groups have stated to protest “everywhere” against President Trump and Vice President Pence..

And this story has developed tonight.. Someone sent us a photo of a bulletin board from Western Carolina University. What does it feature?

A DREAM SURVEY! The continuation of the question “are you having strange dreams.”

Could someone be copycatting off of Nexpo on Youtube? (A great video if you didn’t see it already)

We are just days from this supposed date that will change the world.. On September 6 we will either say things are just like they were yesterday.. or we will say WAKE ME UP from these strange dreams WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS..

The Countdown Begins.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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