News for Saturday September 15 2020

If you had the flu in Seattle this winter, chances are it was COVID-19!

US scientists are developing a strain of the coronavirus that could be used to deliberately infect volunteers in so-called “challenge studies”

The Pentagon announces a new task force to research UFOs.. MORE: In a press release, the Defense Department, perhaps to avoid association with the extraterrestrial implications of “Unidentified Flying Objects,” used the term “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon,” but it’s clear what it’s referring to: objects in the sky of unknown origin…

Study says that thousands of people in Seattle who thought they had a winter flu actually had the coronavirus!

COVID signs appear in order..

GET FRESH AIR! Fauci says the sunlight defeats COVID-19!

CDC says COVID immunity lasts for only 3 months! 

As many as two million Californians were plunged into darkness over the course of four hours late Friday in the first rolling blackouts to hit the state since the 2001 energy crisis…
It is just the beginning..

Hurricane season about to go into overdrive..

The election insurrection: The Trump campaign is working to dispatch tens of thousands of election monitors to battleground states in what is shaping up as the Republican Party’s largest-ever poll-watching operation.

At least 50 Belarus security personnel in riot gear dropped their shields and were embraced by anti-government protesters in Minsk, as demonstrators chanted “brothers” at the police.

Miley says her new song is about reclaiming her life..
< br> Rumors rampant online that the real life ANNABELLE that inspired horror movies escaped from a museum! But it’s not that fun: “I’m here to tell you something,” he said on the family’s YouTube channel. “I don’t know if you want to hear this or not, but Annabelle did not escape.”..

New THE BATMAN film will focus on Bruce Wayne trauma..

DC Universe going to HBO..

SPUTNIK review: “It’s a vision of the 1980s Soviet Union as an imposing and alien world, detached from reality and humanity, and run by menacing figures with little adherence to normal codes of conduct, or morality”

Normal Things: Gaten Matarazzo has been spending the coronavirus hiatus working at a restaurant

Star says STRANGER THINGS 4 will be worth the wait..

Bill Maher says: It’s time to cancel God!

Beauty at 54! Sizzling Halle Berry on a skateboard!