National lockdowns..
Pandemic fears..
We are in the midst of history happening before our eyes..

Grocery stories have thankfully stayed open.. but something being found in various products in some of them are causing undesirable uneasiness amongst patrons..

Secret Societies! Jesuits/Masons! Aryan Elite!

A months ago, a few messages started showing up on social media feeds around Eastern Pennsylvania: Products such as chocolate bars, San Giorgio pasta, dog food, and other various sealed boxes in grocery stories had bizarre messages falling of out of them.

A reliable source can confirm that products in certain stores are actually being returned because people are uncomfortable with the tampering of the product that occurred and message contained.

The paper note showing up in products appears to be a rambling set of different conspiratorial terms, as seen here:

There were even reports on social media that this message was showing up in the dozens at Sweet Arrow Lake in Pine Grove a month ago.

The message appears to be within the boxes themselves..

Could it be coming from workers in a warehouse? That theory conjures doubt.. after all, warehouses are filled with cameras.. you can’t hardly pick a nose without someone catching it on a camera and questioning you later..

And even more, how could larger freights of packages only have certain ones that contain the message?

Another theory: Someone going to random grocery stories in the county such as Boyers or Weis, picking up random boxes, and placing the paper inside.. But without being seen?

Without messing much with a package to cause cation and beware for the buyer?

Could someone with schizophrenic disorder or similar mental condition be to blame?

The coronavirus has shut a lot down, including life saving counseling.. Let’s pray if that is the case, the most we will see are paper messages in grocery stories or local lakes..

We spoke to someone who actually said this fell out of a generic brand of Mac and Cheese from a local super market..

It was not inside the actual product plastic bag, but when the box was opened, it fell out–near the top where the product is not sealed shut..

A deep search of the web appears to show no immediate correlation to this taking place at other locations around the nation or world..  No similar terms show up on Google..

The message, translated to the best of our ability, here:

Secret socities (SS) ties to terror’m/shoot’gs & other crises r not report’d. but JFK warn’d of SS. Europe’s ARYAN ELITE & their SS/fronts (Vat’n/Jesuits/Mason/lesser royalty) lead’g SS masquerad’g as other rels. r the ILLUMINATI. Secret rites/SIGN SYS. unit SS. Oprah/Obama/Putin/Osteen/Gates/Dalai Lama/Trump…sign (1). SS’ symbs. relate to Saturn, god of time/Lord o/t Rings: Vat/EU/Mafia’s RING of star/ring kiss’g; Prayer Wheel; UN/China/Islam’s cresent w/star/ball; beads/dots (rosary/bindi)’Jew’s hexag’m… SS say Sat. was near Earth (Golden Age when ‘Gods’ rul’d man). Er. elite/SS front 4 a tiny, anc. race call’d Dragon Kings (DK). Their long/red-head’d skulls, unmask’d images,  cave cities…were found in Peru/Easter Isle/Black Sea reg…DK agenda is: Social’m, Caste sys. & SS elite’s SEX’M/pedophilia & anti-family bias. To rule, DK’s need disarm’d-surveill’d pop’ns. World leaders know fear/crisis make people submissive. SS’s off-shoots: KKK/Mormons…More key/capstone; Kaaba; wings/bird; eye/1/2 face/target; grail; obelisk; gate/arch/dome; Skull-Bones; NAZIS’ BLACK SUN… SS tip-off terms; New Age/day/era/dawn/hope/NWO… 1) It uses set signs (e.g. okay gest); body pos’ns; special mot’ns of corss’g, touch’g (ring/ear/watch), unexplain’d POINT’G, pinch’g, (lapel/cuff)…& colors (orange/red…). More symbs: police/mil.’s pentagram-(gon)_/chevrons….;flower (BP); ranbo (LGBTQ); shell/spiral/snake/knot; tower-clock; “i” w/ color’d dot; blue/white (BMW)… SS breed corrup’n locally to int’ly. Drugs/media/univs./pub.ed/i’net…r tools of control.

And believe me.. if you want to REALLY put someone to a typing test, have them type THAT out..

None of the phrases, as written, match anything on Google at this time.

There are no Twitter mentions of this..


What does it mean..
Does it mean anything..?


As one comment on Facebook said, “The worse recipe ever.”

But since the story emerged, these strange messages have continued showing up in stores.

The Coal Region Canary reports this in June,

The folded up piece of paper seen above was found inside a box of Infant Tylenol by a local mother on Wednesday, June 3.

When we chatted with the woman, she said, “At first glance I thought maybe it was instructions for the medication, until I saw the words LIES in large lettering.” Nothing about the package of Tylenol tipped off the shopper that something could be wrong “The box was completely fine and the season on the bottle itself were completely fine,” she tells us.

The woman tell us she didn’t see the note at first and actually gave her child some of the Tylenol.

And since finding the note, she can’t get the fact that it was inside the package out of her head. “I was a mess after finding it because I gave my son some of the Tylenol before finding it in the box. So, I called the company, took all the info and they wanted me to call poison control right away, just in case,” she said. “I’ve been up all night because of it and also checking on my son. It was definitely unpleasant finding something like that in, of all things, medication for babies.”


Just days ago there reports that this message has gotten as far South in Pennsylvania as Lancaster.. Another found it in a can of smoked oysters in Chambersburg. One comment on the Coal Region Canary said that the message was found as far South as Gaithersburg Maryland..


  1. i found one of these on my kitchen floor randomly i have no idea where it could have came from but im in carlisle pa. I know someone who works for customer care at giant food stores and they are saying that they are getting calls from customers about finding this in their groceries…. i dont know how this is getting more attention its kinda crazy

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