About deep face

President president Donald Trump tonight has posted a bizarre video on his Twitter account, 12 hours after his initial ban in relation to the violence on Capitol Hill yesterday.

The video appears to show the president conciliatory about the violence, Even stating he called in the National Guard immediately. Something that is probably debatable..


The typical debate ensued sued. Pro-Trumpers saying that he should go to Parlor, while the anti-Trump crowd serenading him a goodbye. .

But a few others hypothesized something else. Some thing dare we say conspiratorial? The strange imagery of the video seemed bizarre, it looked pixelated, and at points trumps mouth did not even seem to match the words that were coming out..

We have been told how easy deep deep fakes are to make, perhaps easier now than ever before we are told…

And this video was not live. Just taped.

He was tanned. Rested.

No pixelated. At least according to some.

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