There were so many! Like this image from Halloween, where President Trump welcomed various children into the Oval Office. He noted that the Asian girl near him was present, and told he was going to China for a trip.. And then he began to tell the children not to be like their parents, their parents being members of the ‘fake media.’ He took his passive aggressive anger out on the adults in the room snapping photos by telling their kids that they should not be proud of the parental professions of their guardians..

Another bizarre moment occurred soon after Trump was sworn into office. In May, when CBS’ John Dickerson interviewed him and asked about controversial topics, Trump immediately stopped the interview and walked back to his desk Resolute. He sad down. And picked up what appeared to be a blank paper.. the silence was overwhelming and awkward.


Another fun time came during the Great American eclipse on August 21 (more on that later) .. thought warnings persisted for weeks prior, the President seemed to defy logic and safety as he looked directly at the sun without protective glasses for several seconds.

And while we can go on forever, we’ll sum up the final moment only with the video of what appears to be Donald Trump’s teeth dislodging as he told the world that Jerusalem was now the capital of Israel.