Dark Winter: The Snowstorm photo from NYC that you won’t forget

Several days ago, REDDIt user fielding24 posted a photo of New York City during the most recent snowstorm.. It was immediately heavily shared and comments have labeled the picture as one of the greatest ever.. One poignant user wrote, “Eerie isn’t it. A game based on a devastating pandemic in NYC during the middle of winter and here we are.”

The photo is remarkable for a few reasons..

It features the beauty and grit of New York along with once busy streets tampered down by a snowstorn.. and the ambulance reminds us also of the virus. A virus that created space on sidewalks long prior to the blizzard of 2021.

To the Reddit user’s credit, it truly is like the cover of a video game about a pandemic in a end times scenario..

Another REDDIT user said, “Was walking back from work (tv studio) with my kids the other day, we walked about 2 blocks in midtown passing literally nobody, no cars, no people, nothing, at 3 pm on a weekday. My daughter flapped her arms around and whispered to me, ‘are we still on set?'”

And one more,

“If it wasn’t for this picture, I’d have a hard time imagining NYC with nearly empty streets. Just doesn’t seem possible”

Not only possible but evident and real..

This photo has no name. But to correspond it with realty, perhaps the perfect fitting label would be titled: “Dark Winter, New York.”

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