GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE has box office life!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife grossed $16.5 million on Friday, a figure that includes the $4.5 million the film made in Thursday night previews, per “Deadline.”

This gross is exactly what the film needed and guarantees that the film will exceed its initial tracking of $30-35 million. We’re looking at a potential $40 million+ opening weekend and how it goes depends on how hard families come out for the movie the rest of the weekend.

This amazing movie is both an homage to the past along with a wonderful and refreshingly new take on the film.. it deserves credit as one of the better films of all of 2021, from start to finish people were on the edge of their seats. Incredibly, during certain scenes of AFTERLIFE, people applauded at the beautiful way film makers honored Egon and others.

GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE is a fun ride and a well-worth-it-theater moment .. it needs to be seen on the big screen in at atmosphere that is shared among other human beings who feel the nostalgia of the original coupled with the freshness of the new film…