ISS crew takes refuge after Russian anti-satellite weapons test sends debris flying

US blasted Russia for ‘dangerous and irresponsible behavior’ after Russians conducted anti-satellite weapons test, endangering International Space Station 

US investigating a ‘debris-generating event in space’ after astronauts on the ISS were forced to prepare for a possible evacuation
It came amid unconfirmed reports that Russia performed an anti-satellite weapon test 

The space junk passes started early Monday, with the ISS making closes passes every 90 minutes 

The tests have been criticized by the space community because of the risk they create for crews in low Earth orbit 

NASA has not yet commented, but its Russian counterpart Roscomos, downplayed the incident 

Tensions between Russia and the West have escalated in recent weeks as Kremlin has been accused of fomenting instability on Belarus-Poland border

American officials have also grown alarmed over satellite images said to show a buildup of Russian military personnel along its frontier with Ukraine 

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