Did workers at the Mayfield Consumer Products candle company get forced to stay at work during a tornado?

At least four workers at the Mayfield candle factory in Kentucky, where at least eight employees were killed by Friday’s devastating tornado, say managers warned employees they would be fired if they left their shifts early.

As the first tornado sirens sounded and word of the coming storm spread around 5:30 that night, about 15 workers asked supervisors to go home — only to be refused and returned to work once the first tornado warning subsided.

The second tornado siren sounded after 9pm that night, and again workers say they were not given the choice to shelter at the factory or go home..

Employees congregated in bathrooms and inside hallways, but the real tornado wouldn’t arrive for several more hours. After employees decided that the immediate danger had passed, several began asking to go home, the workers said. The company repeatedly said no or they could risk termination. There are some other questions on whether some workers stayed in order to earn more overtime.

The company has denied the allegations ..

There is one thing clear; The window of time between storms would have permitted people to leave. Why they stay or were forced to stay will now be subject to further investigation and controversy..

This matter will now head to wrongful litigation lawsuits..

This is not to be confused with the other terrible company death toll.. At least eight Amazon warehouse workers were also killed in the destruction from Friday’s tornadoes…

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