Old newspapers predictions were wrong on Krampus ‘going out of style’

We took some time to look back in history as to how often newspapers of America and the world talked about Krampus during Christmas..

It was a mixture of mentions, especially tied to St. Nicholas day, and also American reporting on the Austrian tradition.

A few opinion based snippets talked about how harmful Krampus was to the mind of a child and how fear should be left out of the season..

In 1935, an AP news report circulated in various city news rags.. this cutout comes from the Pittsburgh POST-GAZETT on December 25, 1935: The devilish Santa was losing is popularity, fake news of the day reported..

The days of the unpleasant Santa were numbered, the Associated Press reported in 1935–children were so scared they would tremble for days. Authorities condemned him. And his pagan tradition had no place in the season of goodwill, the AP concluded.

Fast forward to today: Krampus has never been more popular..

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