The Lies are Products tell 2022 edition: TikTokker finds the weird note in his M&Ms!

We have been covering the “lies our products tell us” story.. strange notes being found in grocery store packing.

As a matter of fact, on another site, we used that space to actually reprint exactly what was on the note to the best of our ability:

Secret socities (SS) ties to terror’m/shoot’gs & other crises r not report’d. but JFK warn’d of SS. Europe’s ARYAN ELITE & their SS/fronts (Vat’n/Jesuits/Mason/lesser royalty) lead’g SS masquerad’g as other rels. r the ILLUMINATI. Secret rites/SIGN SYS. unit SS. Oprah/Obama/Putin/Osteen/Gates/Dalai Lama/Trump…sign (1). SS’ symbs. relate to Saturn, god of time/Lord o/t Rings: Vat/EU/Mafia’s RING of star/ring kiss’g; Prayer Wheel; UN/China/Islam’s cresent w/star/ball; beads/dots (rosary/bindi)’Jew’s hexag’m… SS say Sat. was near Earth (Golden Age when ‘Gods’ rul’d man). Er. elite/SS front 4 a tiny, anc. race call’d Dragon Kings (DK). Their long/red-head’d skulls, unmask’d images,  cave cities…were found in Peru/Easter Isle/Black Sea reg…DK agenda is: Social’m, Caste sys. & SS elite’s SEX’M/pedophilia & anti-family bias. To rule, DK’s need disarm’d-surveill’d pop’ns. World leaders know fear/crisis make people submissive. SS’s off-shoots: KKK/Mormons…More key/capstone; Kaaba; wings/bird; eye/1/2 face/target; grail; obelisk; gate/arch/dome; Skull-Bones; NAZIS’ BLACK SUN… SS tip-off terms; New Age/day/era/dawn/hope/NWO… 1) It uses set signs (e.g. okay gest); body pos’ns; special mot’ns of corss’g, touch’g (ring/ear/watch), unexplain’d POINT’G, pinch’g, (lapel/cuff)…& colors (orange/red…). More symbs: police/mil.’s pentagram-(gon)_/chevrons….;flower (BP); ranbo (LGBTQ); shell/spiral/snake/knot; tower-clock; “i” w/ color’d dot; blue/white (BMW)… SS breed corrup’n locally to int’ly. Drugs/media/univs./pub.ed/i’net…r tools of control.

We continued to get reports from various locations of this note being found in grocery store packaging.. No evidence as to who put the notes inside.. no evidence as to why.. And no one caught. A number of threads talk about it on Reddit on a regular basis.

The note has now made its way to TikTok!

As you can see from this viral video, it was found in a pack of M&Ms..
AS a matter of fact, it appears that the TikTok user actually found the INSIDE the box as you can see from this second video:

x x x

This strange tale has been told in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and even as far south as Virginia in some emails and notes on our Facebook page we have received.

There have even been some NEW notes sent to us:

x x x

Is it a disgruntled factory worker? Packaging employee? But all those cameras.. wouldn’t someone be caught with ease?

Perhaps someone in a store slipping it in.. ? But no witnesses?

But this M&Ms TikTok presents a whole new angle: The note INSIDE the product! That would be a whole new level of depth to this already mysterious and creepy story that has been developing for years..