HUGGY WUGGY becomes the new Satanic Panic


Every few years we have a new modern meme to make parents cringe and kids want more..

This time it’s Huggy Wuggy..

It is the newest incarnation of fear.. the newest violent character that will cause harm to your child.. (Of course we say this carefully as some kids are a little too willing to be freaked and believe what they see on YouTube… Parental guidance folks!! be involved!!)

Only days ago, published the following headline about “very distressing” videos that were said to have been circulating on TikTok, YouTube, and YouTube Kids: “Dorset Police warning about Huggy Wuggy bear that is singing songs about killing.” 

It referred to Huggy Wuggy, a furry, blue, tall, and sharp-toothed character in a 2021 survival horror video game titled, “Poppy Playtime.” 

It was developed by MOB Games and is rated “12+” on iOS and “Teen” on Android, meaning that it was deemed to be suitable for teenagers.

And now police and officials are warning parents about the dangers of HUGGY WUGGY.. The article showcases at least one mom who banned the Wugs from her household:

Beth Buxton, 31, told Sky News her two daughters, who are 10 and 12, both played Roblox and watched the videos online with her three-year-old son.

She thought it was similar to Minecraft – but her son became obsessed with Huggy Wuggy.

She said: “He got to the stage where he didn’t know the difference between reality and gaming. He tried to climb up my bedroom window, saying he would die and come back to life telling me that’s what Huggy Wuggy does.

“We have banned Roblox and put locks on YouTube. I have window locks being installed next week because he is still thinking about it. There are numerous terrifying characters in these games.

Tonight on a personal Facebook profile, a number of friends who happen be parents are getting caught up in the Huggy Wuggy pandemonium! 

This is being showcased on a number of pages:

Parents and Grandparents please be aware of your children and what they’re watching on Youtube! We cannot just give them a device unattended! I mentioned this to my sons (and daughter) about their children about 3-4 months ago, telling them to not allow their children to watch this. His happy upbeat child like nursery rhyme melody/theme song mentions death and equates hugging with death (no lie)! Yes it is YouTubes right to put on their platform whatever they want. It’s not YouTubes job to keep our children safe. That’s our job. Hence the reason I’m writing this!

A new cautionary tale.. a new fear for kids..


And after all, let’s be honest.. MOMO was a lot freakier than Huggy Wuggy, right?

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