What a cool story! From the paranormal world, “1980s computer ‘ghost’ accuses couple of stealing his home then leaves for 2109″

This is what happened…

Back in 1985,  Ken Webster was given a BBC microcomputer. Soon after, he and his girlfriend Debbie received a series of communications, known as the Dodleston messages.

According to a blog written by Allison Troutner on, it all started with a mysterious set of footprints after Ken and Debbie moved into a dilapidated 18th-century cottage in Cheshire.

During renovations, the couple noticed strange, six-toed footprints in the dust, which seemed to walk up the walls between the bathroom and kitchen.

The pair initially dismissed what they had seen as nothing more than a prank, and painted over the footprints – but they were back a day later.. Over the next few weeks, the couple experienced a series of incidents that made them feel as though they were not quite alone. Tins of cat food had been neatly stacked in a pyramid and an eerie presence was felt in the cottage.

Ken was a teacher at a local school, so he brought home a BBC microcomputer. Soon after it was set up, a message appeared, that seemed like an ominous poem.

More messages soon followed, with the writer asking Ken and Debbie who they are before accusing them of stealing his house.

Days later, a second equally strange message came through, appearing to be written in some archaic version of English.

It said: “I write on behalf of many – What strange words you speak – You are a worthy (good) man who has a fanciful woman, and you live in my house (who dwell in my home) – with lights which (the) devil makes – It was a great crime to have stolen (bribed) my house. – L.W.”

Over the next year and a half, more messages continued to appear. So, Ken asked questions back to try and find out the identity of the writer.

The mysterious writer initially gave the name as Lukas, but confessed his name was Thomas Harden or Hawarden. Thomas said he had been in communication with ‘a friend from 2109’.

The message read: “Try to understand that you three have a purpose that shall in your lifetime change the face of history, we, 2109, must not affect your thoughts directly but give you some sort of guidance that will allow room for your own destiny. All we can say is that we are all part of the same god, whatever, he is (?), is.”