Documents are revealing that the government is at least trying to think about the apocalypse?

The New York Times is splashing some very interesting information about apocalyptic battle plans that the United States government has formulated.

The TIMES has published documents, and has been given copies showcasing what the government has done to prepare for things like nuclear Armageddon, the president taking over all communications during a national crisis, and much much more.

From the report: 

WASHINGTON — Newly disclosed documents have shed a crack of light on secret executive branch plans for apocalyptic scenarios — like the aftermath of a nuclear attack — when the president may activate wartime powers for national security emergencies.
Until now, public knowledge of what the government put into those classified directives, which invoke emergency and wartime powers granted by Congress or otherwise claimed by presidents, has been limited to declassified descriptions of those developed in the early Cold War. In that era, they included steps like imposing martial law, rounding up people deemed dangerous and censoring news from abroad.
It has not been clear what is in the modern directives — known as presidential emergency action documents — because under administrations of both parties, none have been made public or shown to Congress. But the newly disclosed documents, which relate to the George W. Bush administration’s efforts to revise the draft orders after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, offer clues.

For years, this was the stuff of conspiracy theory dreams. People accuse those who would say such things as being arbiters of misinformation. But now we see, the government has at least attempted to get prepared for in time scenarios. The best laid plans of mice and men will go awry, anyone who saw any Hollywood blockbuster will know that despite the best intentions to keep a country surviving through nuclear Armageddon, unless Will Smith or Bruce Willis is involved, most things will fail.
But that’s not saying it’s not worth still trying right?
Now that we’re on the subject, let’s see some of those files about what happens if the alien invasion lands on plan of Earth and begins to devouris. As Ian Punnett would say on COAST TO COAST AM, “eat the Canadians first”