New trailer images for Stranger Things 4 final episodes makes us wonder if this ending will be bleak

Mike will die?!

Will will sacrifice himself?!

Max will be attacked a second time by Vecna?!

All of the fan speculation has intensified when you showcase some screen shots from the new trailer now leaked online.

That final image with Max is concerning.. if she had a second run in with Vecna all bets are off and we could be looking at a horribly sad ending to season 4..

It is presumable that Vecna is going to be highly irritated that Max was able to get away and ‘run up the hill’ with the help of Kate Bush.. Episode 4 was perhaps one of the greatest and most epic in this season and has been immensely received well by fans both old and new..

But disaster seems to be awaiting someone as the season comes to a close.