“UFO” video from Michigan

This video purports to show fleet of UFOs flying over Lansing, Michigan..

Scott C. Waring, a blogger, is calling it a UFO sighting.

The “reflective” objects in question were apparently spotted over Lansing, with the person who filmed them saying that they “appeared in a tight cluster” and were “moving approximately 2 – 3 miles in 5 seconds.”

“When I first witnessed the objects gaining altitude, I reach for my phone and accessed my camera, within the time frame, they had moved from the tree line to where the video begins,” the eyewitness’ account in Waring’s blog says. “These were flying at various altitudes, hovering at times.”

One comment on the YouTube video:

My gf and I live in mount pleasant Michigan, 10:30 pm june 1st we were outside having a cig when a helicopter flew over and something was in front of the copter that we really couldn’t make out but could see a round shape with a red orange light on it, this wasnt a normal helicopter because I could hear what sounded like extreme compressor noise, this wasnt the first time we have seen weird objects,one other time when everyone spotted starlink, starlink is not what we saw that night, it was another copter that sounded just like the one from june 1, but in front of that one was a big black triangle with amber lights on each corner.was the last sighting, I think the military is finally letting us know what they really haveShow less

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