The story of “IT” coming in July to Screambox

In a new documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT, filmmakers Christopher Griffiths and John Campopiano profile the famed 1990s made for television hit mini-series..

There are exclusive interviews with the cast included in the documentary.

Pennywise: The Story of IT will premiere exclusively on horror streaming service Screambox on July 26. The movie will also be available On Demand.

That mini series was extremely important for horror and pop culture. Without its success, horror itself may have been demoted into the refuse bin of society..

The series was bold and beyond some expectations–advertisers were also worried about a prime time child-killing clown.

For my own part, I recall this event being life-changing for my childhood. It either scared me to hell or it caused a sudden love of horror, the kind of which that not even Freddy or Jason did.

And yes.. while the new movies are quite fine, let’s face it: Tim Curry was the best Pennywise and defined all future portrayals..

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