You should really see the BLACK PHONE in a movie theater

This weekend’s box office number 1 is expected to be ELVIS.. the biopic audience is skewing mostly female, and mostly over the age of 55.. But BLACK PHONE is surging beyond expectations..

Box office numbers developing.

But we have a message about BLACK PHONE: We highly encourage anyone who has not seen this film to experience it in a theater, with an audience. This movie should be taken seriously.

It’s not filled with cliched horror jump scares.. It doesn’t have messy dialogue but intensely realistic and gritty ‘how it really was’ style acting about this period of time in American history.

Nostalgia lies .. sometimes things were not so pretty to be a kid in the 1970’s or 80’s when a big threat that adults didn’t seem to care much about was kidnapping.

And finally, the ‘horror’ of Black Phone is more akin to the horror of a crime flick–though in this case the police are neither bumbling but ultimately make importantly bad mistakes.

See it with an audience because, without revealing spoilers, it is sure fun to experience the final dramatic and traumatic scene of the movie with others who have sat through each other minute of tension with you in the same room.

(from left) The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) and Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) in The Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson.

The release is amazing–the ability that this film had to deeply disturb your soul but also calm it at the end is amazing.

Ethan Hawke was plain out horrifying in this movie. Exceptionally creepy.. Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw carried the entire movie so well.

The acting is amazing.. the story line was incredible.. and that mask? That awful creepy mask?

A new Halloween costume has been born..

This movie is great. . There is just about nothing to criticize with Black Phone..