Strangest things: Duffers plan spinoffs

We all knew this was coming–and many of us hoped it would be.

Spinoffs of the popular Netflix hit Stranger Things.. With Season 4 winding down we all know the fifth and final is coming (coming soon is another question, they don’t start filming until next year according to David Harbour) ..

DEADLINE reporting:

Creators and showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer:  “There’s a version of it developing in parallel [to season 5], but they would never shoot it parallel,” Ross reportedly said. “I think actually we’re going to start delving into that soon as we’re winding down and finishing these visual effects, Matt and I are going to start getting into it.”

Matt added,  “The reason we haven’t done anything is just because you don’t want to be doing it for the wrong reasons, and it was just like, ‘Is this something I would want to make regardless of it being related to Stranger Things or not?’ And definitely. Even if we took the Stranger Things title off of it, I’m so, so excited about it. But it is not… It’s going to be different than what anyone is expecting, including Netflix.”

Netflix at this point may not care what the storylines will be, just that they work! The streaming service is bleeding money and also laying off people. Heading into a recession, they are looking for hope. Perhaps a future of Duffer Stranger spinoffs is the best hope they’ve got.

It is fair to say–at least this is how we think–that without Stranger Things season 1, Netflix may have struggled a lot sooner than they did.