There are so many websites and social media accounts that are suddenly speaking about the large hadron collider in Switzerland. We lost count.

But we have also been alerted to different purported videos that are supposedly showing weather anomalies taking place over the location where the collider exists.

At this point we will call them bunk, maybe the world suddenly has begun getting swallowed up but there’s really no evidence to showcase that yet. If Kermit the frog turns blue will update you accordingly.


Here is how we think of it, physics is very paranormal if you consider it. It’s unexplained therefore right now for us it’s truly the “paranormal”..

So could there be a chance that the paranormal is actually just reality and we haven’t discovered it yet? And cern would be the avenue to do so?

I did watch one science-based YouTube video that mentioned that even if a black hole was to escape, it would be so beyond microscopic that it would apparently not cause harm. At least that’s the contention. So while they have it as a relatively minute chance that a black hole actually does escape it seems that there acknowledging it could. But then if it does escape it just gets downplayed but I will never actually swallow any matter because it would be too microscopic to even do so.

But that’s what worries me, we never had a situation before were a microscopic black hole escaped. So we’re only scientifically venturing a guess as to what The potential ramifications would be.

But don’t take our word for it. We are not scientists, just a regular old layman with a day job that conducts horror report investigations by night.