Laurie Strode’s 44 years of trauma

Very interesting and deep perspective from Jamie Lee Curtis on what the popularity of Laurie Strode has meant..

He writes:

For those Halloween @halloweenmovie fans out there. You might have heard the story and if so I apologize but since it’s all coming to an end I thought I would share it. When I work on anything I like people to wear name tag so that we all get to know each other and I can know people’s names since most people know mine and my job I don’t know theirs and their job. We did it on Halloween 2018 and all of the Halloween films. My last day of shooting of the 2018 Halloween was a scene of Laurie Strode, alone in a truck watching Michael Myers leave for the Supermax prison that he would be ensconced in for the rest of his days. It was a scene with no dialogue and it just said that Laurie is in the truck with a gun and some alcohol and she is remembering and reliving the past 40 years of trauma and sadness and loss and rage and grief. When they came to get me to shoot that scene as I arrived on site the entire crew was standing silent with their hands behind their back’s in silent solidarity with Jamie for what she was about to act as Laurie and the entire crew were all wearing this name tag. What they were saying, which audiences have said now for 44 years, is that they were with me, with Laurie and her struggles and that she and I were not alone. If there’s a ending message to all of these movies it is that Laurie Strode represented never giving up. Cue Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
Don’t give up.
No matter what.
Thank you and I love you and thank you @bryantology for sending me this this morning to remind me.

Halloween Ends—we think—this coming weekend in theaters and Peacock..