2022’S OVER!

Another calendar.

My father always used his birthday to explain something to me. He would tell me to picture a yard stick–during his adventurous years he would actually get one out as a prop. Normally he’d just point to a certain part of the measurement and say “I am here..” And you would see as the years go on, less and less of that yard stick remained.

It’s always good to be on the low end of that measurement–the measurement of life itself. You have plenty to live for until your final moment on this planet, but those final moments happen every single second of every single day.

The luxury of youth is that you have time. At least you think you do–soon everyone learns the hard way that time is limited and runs out faster than one would assume.

We get busy trying to fast forward those bad moments.. And then we realize it all went by so fast. Just like the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler. Thankfully he was able to wake up from his nightmare in Bed Bath and Beyond before he ruined it all..

So many of us are busy CLICKing away on TikTok.. Social media. Things that add nothing but noise and clutter in our brains.. All the while the second hand on the clock keeps running like a cruel Energizer bunny of fate..

So with that, 2022 clicked away.
We ran out of time.
Some of more than others…

x x x

2022 was not filled with true love but instead rampant confusion. It all went too fast to even grasp some of the moment were found ourselves in.

Let’s use 2023 to perfect what seemed to be lacking in 2022.

As we all reach the end of our yardsticks, let’s try to finally realize that meaning of life..