HORROR REPORT flashback: What we wrote about SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT in 2001

From the deep dark hallways of the Horror Report and the annals of anarchy.. From December 2001.. the HORROR REPORT went seasonal with a review of bad horror.. SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT..

Submitted for your Mandela Effected approval.. the screen shot in time:

We concluded:

I will admit that if done right this concept could have amounted to something, at least for the first movie. However, it was horrible in all aspects and it died before it ever had a chance to live, and then they continued to beat the dead body 4 more times with a large stick. The Silent Night, Deadly Night series, although incredibly bad does have a certain charm to it. That charm may only be the incredible ease that exists when making fun of it.

The movie is no better to us today than it was then.