2023 is the year of the Green comet!

This seems to be pretty historic!

A green bright comet named C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is set to make its closest approach to Earth in two weeks, the comet was discovered in March when transiting through Jupiter’s orbit, E3 will reach perihelion on January 8, after that will be visible without glasses..

This is pretty rare, as space sites are reporting.

Here is what is known:

It was discovered in March 2022. NASA reported that the rare green comet was spotted using a wide-field survey camera at CalTech’s Zwicky Transient Facility within Jupiter’s orbit.

Since then, it has hurdled ever closer to the Sun, and as NASA noted in a post about the comet, it will reach its perigee, or closest point to us on Earth, on February 1.

From everything mainstream sources are reporting, This phenomenon has not happened in 10,000 years..

And get this!

NASA data suggests that the last time this gorgeous green goblin came this close to Earth was about 50,000 years ago..

In reality that means that the last humans to ever witness it were likely Ice Age-era Neanderthals..

And how many times was it seen prior than 50,000 years back? Did dinosaurs witness it as they roamed the earth..? Amazing stuff, this space .. and amazing what we will soon see with our naked earthly eyes.