Dallas Zoo monkey business: Weird animal happenings in Texas

Police say two rare Tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo were stolen after finding their enclosure had been cut open. This comes weeks after a clouded leopard escaped from an enclosure that had also been tampered with..

This is an unpredecented string of events at the zoo.. missing animals. Deaths. Closures torn..

On January 13 there was a day of social media game for a leopard after the animal escaped from the enclosure.. but it turns out the leopard’s enclosure had been cut!

Flashback Jan 24: A rare vulture was killed at the Dallas zoo. Someone cut cages open to two other animals. Now there is a $10,000 reward for any information who is doing this. Police force is now protecting the zoo.

And now..

Two monkeys were taken from the Dallas Zoo on Monday, police said. It was the latest in a string of odd zoo incidents being investigated over the past few weeks— including fences cut and the suspicious death of an endangered vulture..

The habitat has been ‘intentionally compromised’..


Dallas Zoo alerts police after 2 monkeys declared missing, believed to be ‘taken’