Welcome to the mini War of the Worlds

Think about this.. it was science fiction to predict government officials would orders militaries to take down unidentified aerial objects, of unidentified craft.

But for the third time *that we know of* the United States military took one down.

On Saturday night February 11, there was a long strange odyssey over Montana. The FAA restricted airspace and all eyes were on tanker jets on Flight Aware refueling fighters.. However, we were told in public statements that the military would continue to monitor the object and reconsider in the morning..

So here is the fact that we know, from public official releases from the White House and Pentagon: The US and Canada brought down three high-altitude airborne objects this month, including one Washington said was sent deliberately by China for surveillance. Beijing countered that it was a harmless weather-monitoring device that blew off course…

And now this spicy news from China: They apparently say they have seen an object flying and THEY intend on taking it down over their nation..

WE assume the military knows a bit more than they would tell us, of course, but people are clamoring to know what in the world, or other world, they are. With the silence comes conspiracies.. On one hand we have been worried about World War III, but maybe we missed the beginning of War of the Worlds in the process!

Talking about these objects being anything other than mannade is speculative .. people would slam it as conspiracy. But consider the fact, as we mentioned opening up this post, we have been hearing of the military spotting UAPs for years.. Pentagon officials have silently warned Congress that they did not know what the objects were. Now, after spotting and taking down the Chinese spy balloon, the new objects being shot down apparently don’t completely match that M.O.

From news accounts in Canada: The object was “cylindrical” and smaller than the suspected Chinese balloon shot down last weekend, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said on Saturday evening. It is not clear what the object shot down over Canada is or whether it is related to the spy balloon shot down last week or the unidentified object shot down over Alaska on Friday.

But it is not just objects. It is lights in the sky as well.

Late last month, mysterious green laser beams were spotted from Hawaii’s tallest peak. Experts initially said the burst of laser beams was emitted by a NASA spacecraft though that was proven incorrect this week – with evidence pointing to a Chinese satellite. 

Space experts at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) initially tweeted on Jan. 30 that the Subaru-Asahi Star Camera “captured green laser lights in the cloudy sky over Maunakea, Hawai’i. The lights are thought to be from a remote-sensing altimeter satellite ICESAT-2/43613.” 

Yes indeed… some may call some conspiracy theorists. But right now, we all maybe just became honorary members in 2023.