Older Things season finale

There have been countless memes circulating for years about the length of time Stranger Things has been taking to just be done.. What began in 2015 (a lifetime ago at this point) still is being filmed in 2024.. COVID delays. Hollywood strikes.

It feels like the show was cursed even more than Hawkins was in the script.

But the end is nigh.

A new season is being filmed–will we see it in 2024? Nah.. It seems more likely that 2025 will be the time frame for release on Netflix.

And while we laugh and make jokes and jabs about the length of time, it is clear: We will watch.

And quite frankly, we cannot wait until the finale. Despite the fact we additionally are in fear of just who the Duffer brothers will be killing off or banishing forever to an upside down.

Filming begins! Lots of rumors will, too.

Good luck to the cast and crew.. We NEED Christmas in Hawkins..