Linda Hamilton will not watch Stranger Things 5

Apparently being a star in the show has ruined the experience for her..

During a recent interview with US Weekly, Hamilton shared that she has been having a good time working on the final season of Stranger Things. “I do get to be there for table reads and watch it unfold and be part of it. I’m thrilled to be part of it,” she said. “But I just never, ever saw that one coming. It is different when you’re a fan of the show to sort of go, ‘Well, how do I fit?’ But we’re working on it. It’s good. It’s really good.”

She added, “I’ve watched every season with relish. I just love it. So it’s kind of, like, imposter syndrome where I don’t [feel that I] fit in there. That’s a whole world set in the ’80s. When you really buy into something, you don’t see yourself in it.” Because of this, Hamilton confirmed that she won’t be able to enjoy the series the way she used to. “I think in a way, it kind of ruined the show for me. I never watch [a project], once I’m in something,” she continued. “It would just completely take me out of the reality of it to see myself in there. So I won’t be watching [Season 5].”