Dream Scenario was a wild movie.. you all should watch it– especially if you have the flu :)


This movie is a must-see.. I watched DREAM SCENARIO during the final days of my recovery from influenza B last week–a little too weak to write up anything in relation to the movie.

Anyway, long story short, this film may be one of the wildest, craziest, funniest, scariest, and deeply moving films about human existence and dreams and all of this madness that I ever saw.

I truly recommend it.

Some of you out there may hate it! Some may love it.. Nic Cage might scare the ever living piss out of you when you watch it. But in the end, this movie has profound meaning–if you allow it to.

It begins in such a way that gave me nostalgia to the “This Man” of the late 2000s, back when some dude made us all believe in a hoax for a few days that everyone was seeing ‘this man’ in dreams. *that website still is online by the way*


While it became apparent no one ever dreamed of that man–at least not organically–DREAM SCENARIO brings us to a world where it would be true. People randomly of Professor Paul Matthews.

What would happen to him? And us..

It is a truly remarkable performance and has quickly escalated into one of my top ten movies of all time just after one viewing.

Give it a whirl..