Freedom of the press to show a bloody mess

Newspapers all across the world showing the bloody corpse of the formerly living Moummar Qaddafi, killed yesterday reportedly in his hometown.. Blood. Guts. Gore. It’s Halloween, so why not.


But the showcase of the macabre is fascinating. Are world citizens only going to now believe the good word of a government if a gruesome showcasing of the killing occurs? And if that is the train of logic you’re boarding, how did we kiss away the chance to show Osama bin Laden’s blasted away head?

We are playing a new game in the war on terror. From your TSA inspected street corner all the way to the busiest airport, the world has changed. Look no further to pop culture gore, entertainment whores, and political bores.

On 24, you can see the enemy disemboweled. And at Walmart you can see Big Sis tell you not to trust your cashier, your neighbor, or yourself.

The strange new web we weave..

So pick up your local paper today. It will be a collector’s item. And it won’t even matter if you drip ketchup on it either.