Friday News of the world

BBC documentary explain the East Coast tsunami threat potential from an eruption in the Canary Islands..
Two new eruptions in the Canaries..

Big Brother.. your passenger? The future of cars may include cameras watching your ever turn..

Could it be: Herman Cain’s 999 plan inspired by SimCity!?

News of the strange: Family lost in a corn maze dials 911 for help..

Lady Goo Goo no more: Gaga wins a court injunction stopping the children’s character from continuing..

Obama sending troops to Africa..

Asteroid alert: Amateurs find something the professionals didn’t..

Kansas City Bishop charged for not bringing porn information to police..

Elenin (*or whatever is left of it*) set to pass by Earth this weekend..

Harrisburg council seeks bankruptcy approval..

1 in 6 cellphones have fecal E. coli traces

Volcano Katla could push airline stocks lower..

TALKING TO THE DEAD by George Noory *really*? on sale..
Amazon selling it for 14 bucks..And it’s in stock..

Here we go again:ROSAT X-ray observatory, launched in 1990 by NASA and managed for years by the German Aerospace Center will fall back somewhere on earth in the next two weeks..

Vancouver restaurant bans men from standing while urinating..

The city of Harrisburg Pa is bankrupt.. And that is just the start of the city’s problems..

Reviews coming in: THE THING 2011 not as scary as 1982..

A 6.7 magnitude struck off the coast of Eastern Papua New Guinea..

Iceland’s Katla getting restless..

What would be a super volcano trigger?

Green light for an Iran strike?