The puzzle: Would El Hierro erupting cause an East Coast tsunami?

The internet is buzzing with rumors about impending volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands. The theory, as spoken about by vulcanologists would have it that earthquakes or a volcano would strike La Palma, a significant part of the island would collapse into the ocean and spawn a massive tidal wave–one that would smash into the East Coast hours later with 200+ feet waves..

The claim has been debated. In the early 2000s, a BBC documentary reported on the research about a mega tsunami. Others have dismissed the whole notion as fear porn.

Volcanic activity in the Canary Islands has been dormant for decades. Recently over 10,000 quakes have been registered since July–days ago an underwater eruption occurred causing evacuations and a code red alert from the government.

Various sources indicate that a massive tidal wave may have occurred approximately 50,000 years ago after a volcanic trigger. No scientific verification of that event has yet occurred.

However, it has not stopped the Internet rumor machine from cranking out apocalyptic scenarios–scenarios that would include horrid destruction of much of the modern world.