Obama’s face attacked by fly drones!?

The attack of the flies took place yesterday.  President Obama was speaking when a fly (at least one) continued to land on his face during his event.. photos snapped of the event and prominently placed on the Drudge Report with “Fly guy” as the headline show the President with the insect on his forehead, his cheek, and his lip.

The HORROR REPORT wrote last night that conspiracy theories are sure to rise..

And last night, the HORROR REPORT received an interesting theory through email, reprinted below without edit for your enjoyment and discernment:

I read the story from the telegraph that you linked about flies having constant battles with obama. i think everyone has it wrong. sure, maybe its proof that he’s a reptilian or something like that, but i think it’s even weirder! I think it is a small drone landing on him! a spy drone, maybe from the middle east or russia. we do it, right? why can’t someone else. they make drones as small as gnats so a fly wouldn’t be a big surprise. I don’t know what intelligence they gained, though, landing on obama i am sure little intelligence could be gathered.

This site has some creative thinkers, like ‘Rob’ who emailed me the thought that drones are to blame .. So has Obama been attacked by drones since his first campaign for president? Or does it reveal a paranormal side to the president.

Or maybe just this: It was a fly that was getting a meal and that’s that. Period.
End of story.
But the story never ends.
And that’s the rest of the story…


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