Lord of the Flies with the bloody eyes

Flies landing on presidential candidates have always been a hit online. Obama had his on his lip, and Hillary had hers on her forehead in 2016.

Last night during the vice presidential debate with Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, the fly made famous by landing on the vice presidents white sheen of hair for at at least two minutes.

Capitalizing on the insect was presidential candidate Joe Biden, with his campaign immediately circulating a photo of the vice president with the flyswatter and also selling a Biden 2020 official flyswatter on their campaign page!

Some may argue that there is a metaphysical or paranormal tale to this fly. Perhaps the fly landed on a dying campaign? Or perhaps even something more nefarious was taking place.

That more nefarious issue could be a vice president with an unknown element!

After all, another part of the debate that got more attention than what the candidates were saying we’re close up images of Mike Pence his eyes, with one eye seemingly becoming more and more bloody throughout the debate and at some point even ripping out moisture.

Many speculated on social media that the vice president could actually have COVID-19! The DrudgeReport played up the image putting it at the top of the page, also utilizing the fly on Pence his head in the Bidens place water above the main fold.