Sinkhole in Florida swallows man in his bedroom

This story is true.. So often I’m accused of embellishing or purely making things up..

Here is the CNN article you can read on the developing sinkhole ..A quote from the article for the permanent record:

(CNN) – A 36-year-old man disappeared Thursday night when a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom in Florida, swallowing him as his brother tried to rescue him, authorities said.

Right after the ground started to give way in his home in Brandon, his brother frantically tried to keep him from sinking into the hole, an emergency official said.

The first deputy on the scene pulled the victim’s brother from the edge of the growing chasm, said Jessica Damico, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

Authorities have been unable to contact the man as the sinkhole expanded. The house was deemed unsafe for rescuers, Damico said.

Late Thursday night, the hole was about 100 feet wide and still growing, authorities said.

Area homes have been evacuated.

The AP has an alternate article on the sinkhole describing the victim as 34, not 36..