The future is now

Google to collect data to create a full picture of what a healthy human being is »

Called Baseline Study, Google’s project will gather anonymous genetic and molecular information to create a full picture of what a healthy human is.

The future is always now.. this was eventual, as anything technological really is at this point.

Google is trying to go deep inside the human body.. it’s going to give guidance on what a ‘healthy’ human is..


The study may, for instance, reveal a biomarker that helps some people break down fatty foods efficiently, helping them live a long time without high cholesterol and heart disease. Others may lack this trait and succumb to early heart attacks. Once Baseline has identified the biomarker, researchers could check if other people lack it and help them modify their behavior or develop a new treatment to help them break down fatty foods better, Dr. Conrad said.

Sounds fine, dandy, healthy, and Googly. But what else is there behind that scene..

Imagine a future, where transhumanism is in full supply, and you get the sniffles.. then a sore throat.. then.. Google it! Search your body deep to get an answer.. let a computer scan through your organs, get your vitals, and spit back to what of the 1000s of named diseases you actually have. That would be an amazing future.

But of course with each passage of wonderful technology comes the ability to use it for awful things.

But Google won’t be evil. Right?

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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