The strange case of the porcelain dolls- UPDATED WITH FINAL STORY

UPDATE 7/25/14: An update to the strange case of the porcelain dolls reported on the HORROR REPORT yesterday: The person behind the event has been found by the police in the gated community.. According to cops at this point, the dolls were left outside the homes of girls they resemble as a gesture of ‘good will’ .. Apparently many of the families attended the same church as the person who was leaving them as gifts. I, and everyone else, have become so jaded that even signs of friendship and community are regarded as veiled threats. Society..


There is undoubtedly a very disturbing creepy factor to the idea of someone leaving dolls in front of people’s homes.. even more unnerving: Whoever is doing it is leaving dolls that resemble the girls who live in the homes..

This is taking place in the Talega Community of San Clemente, California. Police are investigating.. 

Families began reporting the dolls in the middle of June. But now, according to police statements to NBC News, the situation has spun out of control.

This from ABC NEWS:

“The dolls were being left at these homes, but everybody thought they were the only one,” said Hallock. “When the families started communicating and put it together, they became concerned.”

Police are trying to figure out if the dolls were homemade or bought at a local retailer.

Though the situation may seem eerie, the police see no foul play.

“At this point we don’t have a specific crime,” Hallock said. “It’s very suspicious activity and we’re following up on it. We’re trying to find answers as we speak.”

Perhaps no ‘threat’ of any overt nature.. But maybe the work of a pervert..

Regardless of why the dolls are being left at homes, it’s clear: Any parent would find this as a clear and present danger. And a threat. No matter what police say..


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