A freaky Friday

News of the world. Always weird and wild..

Weather is being blamed for the Air Algerie crash.. there are no survivors..
Plane ‘disintegrated’ ..

Another weird case of something occurring after a person ‘hears voices’.. this time churchgoers were stunned to see Aldo Bianchini, 46, rip out both of his eyes in their entirety.. He collapsed into a pool of blood on the floor after the incident.. Doctors say that the voices told him to do it. They could not save his sight.. He still has the sense of sound..

Astronaut takes photo of Gaza/Israel clash from space..

UN chief appalled at Gaza school shelling..
Israel bans radio advertisement listing names of children killed in Gaza..

Ukraine on the edge: Shock resignation of prime minister..

And then there were none.. In the middle of Solar Maximum, the sun has slipped into a state that resembles Solar Minimum…. Where did all the sunspots go?

UN report details modern day slavery: 21 million people are slaves to a $150billion a year business.. And stop being naive .. it’s not just somewhere else. Take a closer look in your own backyard before you distance yourself from the hell on Earth that so many are suffering through.. 21 million was 2012 numbers. It’s been two years since..

Michael Moore’s lavish lifestyle exposed as he and his wife file for divorce after 22 years..

John McCain says that the two our execution *(botched)* was torture.. Doctors and government officials watched Joseph Wood let out a range of blood-curdling noises for 117 minutes in the Arizona execution chambers the deadly drugs coursed through his veins on Wednesday..

NBC reports on the smartphone ‘kill switch’.. Amazing.. only years ago the ‘kill switch’ was simply a product, the media told us, of conspiracy theorist ramblings.. now they report it and showcase the ‘benefits’ of having it.. Amazing.

An update to the strange case of the porcelain dolls reported on the HORROR REPORT yesterday: The person behind the event has been found by the police in the gated community.. According to cops at this point, the dolls were left outside the homes of girls they resemble as a gesture of ‘good will’ .. Apparently many of the families attended the same church as the person who was leaving them as gifts. I, and everyone else, have become so jaded that even signs of friendship and community are regarded as veiled threats. Society..

Disturbing video: Bartender Sets Customer Face Alight with a ‘Flaming Lamborghini’ .. Perhaps most telling of society: The drinks keep flowing even as some of the people rush to the man’s assistance to put the fire on his face out..

Jimmy Fallon continues to reinvent late night comedy.. now he sucks helium from a balloon with Morgan Freeman..

China censors reports about giant inflatable toad floating in Beijing park.. But the online mockery is right: The toad has a striking resemblance to Jiang Zemin..

Ever hear of the Majestic 12? A newly declassified document, deep on page 449, contains a copy of the controversial “MJ12/Eisenhower Briefing Document” on the Roswell UFO affair of 1947..

Maximus: Illegal buttocks injections are on the rise..

The oldest report of a near death experience from 1740.. Pierre-Jean du Monchaux, a military physician from northern France, who described a case of near-death experience in his book “Anecdotes de Médecine.” .. He described the white light .. bright.. he described meeting with those already deceased. Either NDEs are very real or the brain has played the same trick on peoples for centuries..

Top problems that genetically modified seeds are already causing..

Dentist amazed at boy’s 232 teeth..

New theory: Black holes may be exploding into white holes..

Megan Fox at COMIC CON: Philosophical about the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES..
“I’ve always been a loner’
Girl power: “I was here for ‘Jennifer’s Body’ where I was a man-eating zombie, and I was here for ‘Jonah Hex’ where I was a prostitute with a heart of a gold. And April is neither of those things

Anti-porn group protests FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.. ‘Morality in Media’ says the movie normalizes sexual violence..

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trailer: Too raunchy for day time television..

Twitter reactions to new FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sex trailer..

I say this: Regardless of what anyone says, ‘moral’ or ‘immoral,’ I continue to believe that FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is porn for women..The latest trailer makes me believe that theory even more..

Get ready for ten more years of micro-horror movies.. They are just doing what works..

Weekend horror: Paranornal super-con in Erie, PA..

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reviews LUCY: “Thriller about a woman who gets super brain power is actually mindless”
ANOTHER from NEWSDAY: “Action lost amid pseudoscience in Scarlett Johansson sci-fi “

The ultimate sale.. or the biggest fail: Tara Reid says a sharknado can actually happen!