CHARLIE CHARLIE, you can’t leave

You may have heard of the pencil game called CHARLIE CHARLIE.. There are variations of it online, some say two pencils, but others say three.. Either way, you need to begin with two players and both must chant ‘Charlie Charlie can we play.’  The pencils will take on a life of their own, it is said, if Charlie wants to play…

The legend has been around for some time, with people randomly posting links of their own experimentation.. and others proclaiming fake and fraud.  The game is a Mexican tradition and is also called the Pencil Game and Charlie Pencil..

But new life has been breathed into the game on Youtube and other social media sites..

A video racking up some big hits on the popular site World Star Hip Hop shows off some people experimenting with their own version of CHARLIE CHARLIE.. The video includes some not so friendly language.. but it’s a holiday weekend, I assume you won’t be at work or school when you’re reading this..
So presented for your Sunday night amusement: A CHARLIE CHARLIE video filled with decisive answers and men with high pitched screams..

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